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Property improvements are an investment and can help cut home operating costs.


Many landscapes characteristics such as well-placed trees and shrubs will (overtime) grow to shade larger areas of your home as well as air conditioning units. This decreases the amount of energy needed to cool your home.

In the winter, trees and bushes will help block cold wind from directly battering your home. This keeps more warm air in the house and puts less strain on furnaces which decreases heating bills.

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Insurance companies offer discounts for properties with well-designed landscapes. A well-lit paver stone walkway is an example of a well-designed landscape that will help deter unwanted trespassers. This is a feature insurance companies appreciate.

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Improvements add value to homes and properties. “A properly installed and maintained landscape gives home owners a 100% – 200% return on their investment and increases overall property values in the neighborhood. And just think: you only get a 75% return on investment if you redo your bathroom.” – Bonnie Van Fleet

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