Green Dream Landscapes

The GDL Advantage


Save Money

On Energy Bills

Many landscape characteristics such as well-placed trees and shrubs will (over time) grow to shade larger areas of your home as well as air conditioning units. In turn, decreasing the amount of energy needed to cool your house.

Same for the winter, trees and bushes will help to block cold wind from directly battering your home, keeping more warm air in and putting less strain on your furnace decreasing your heating bill.


Save More Money

On Homeowners Insurance

Insurance companies offer discounts for properties with well-designed landscapes. A landscape discount could be for a simple, thorny barberry bush in front of a window or a more elaborate, well-lit paver stone walkway. Both of these examples are characteristics of a well-designed landscape that deter unwanted trespassing. These are features your insurance providers will appreciate.


Add Value

To Your Home or Property

Adding value to a home or business may be easier than one might think. “It’s true,” says Bonnie Van Fleet, spokesperson for the Reston, Va.-based Associated Landscape Contractors of America. “A properly installed and maintained landscape gives homeowners a 100 to 200 percent return on their investment and increases overall property values in the neighborhood. And just think: You only get a 75 percent return on investment if you redo your bathroom.”